I broke out of a workout funk

How many times have you gone to the gym and been bored? I mean in the sense of when you start your warm up its the last thing you wan’t to be doing – not because its going to be hard or your not feeling well but because the idea of your workout stops being interesting to you. It happens to all of us. Getting bored of my workouts is probably the area I struggle with most frequently. I’ll follow a particular routine three or four times through and then I’m ready to move on.

I’ll admit boredom has been slowing my progress down quite a bit lately. I’ve still been putting in the work but it feels half-assed. Feels like my heart isn’t in it which causes my focus to wain.

My most productive workouts over the past few weeks have come when I’m working out with somebody else. The benefits of a workout partner are pretty well documented. Greater accountability, increased motivation, and the camaraderie aspect are a few of the added bonuses of having someone there with you.

Most of the time, I work out on my own. Not for any one reason. Mostly because I don’t always have people around me that have the same training goals or training schedule. Last week I was getting ready to workout feeling unfocused and unmotivated – two feelings that had been steadily creeping into my mind during my workouts. I saw another trainer I work with foam rolling and asked if I could join his workout.

It was exactly what I needed. The workout was fresh because it was a sequence I had never done before. I didn’t have to plan or program for myself. I also had the enjoyment of having someone to talk to between sets. The competitive side of me wanted to perform at a higher level because suddenly it wasn’t just me. There was another set of eyes on my workout. I pushed myself to areas I hadn’t been in a few weeks.

shortis@gmail.comI broke out of a workout funk

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