The anatomy of the P.R.

The term P.R. (Personal Record) gets thrown around quite a bit in gym and fitness circles. The term is proudly shared after a workout because an extreme sense of achievement has occurred. It is an ever moving positive marker that keeps us coming back determined to top ourselves.

We’ve all had the invigorating feeling of pushing ourselves to a limit that was previously unattainable. I can still remember the first time I executed a muscle-up. To me the muscle up is one of the bench marks of body weight mastery. It’s a move that combines skill, strength, and power all in one. On that day I decided just to give it a try despite not having been able to complete the transfer to get over the bar in past attempts but I was feeling pretty good. There I hung from the bar thinking, “what the heck?” and as I elevated past the bar getting my elbows over my wrists to the point where I was able to extend fully above the bar, I quite literally surprised the heck out of myself. I could not wipe the smile off of my face. Not only because it was a goal of mine but because something like that is an external marker of all the focus and dedication we put into our training and our practice.

shortis@gmail.comThe anatomy of the P.R.

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  1. Logan Doughty

    Here in Roanoke, we have a mountain. Mill Mountain. It has main roads and single track trails all over the place…and some of these are many people’s Personal Record marker. I love the feeling when I coax a friend up one of the roads. There seems to be a feeling of triumph and accomplishment that not everyone in this world gets to experience.

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