The Danger of Rigid Thinking

“I only do cardio.”

“I don’t like to lift weights because ‘X.'”

“I only like to take classes.”

“But isn’t fat bad for you?”

These are just a few examples of things you hear on a day-in day-out basis while working at a gym or with clients. As a trainer this rigid thinking can be so maddeningly frustrating. But more so as someone who likes to learn its even more disheartening. Every day we come acrosse people who are so sure of something, so sure they are right even to their own detriment. When we cement our way of thinking about something to the point where it becomes dogmatic, we cease growth. It happens in all walks of life – health, politics, religion, etc…Generally this leads to people digging in their heals and not making any actual progress. I can’t tell you how many people I see on a daily basis who haven’t changed a bit from a year ago because they were to afraid to ask for help, to proud to get a different opinion, or┬áhad invested to much into habits that haven’t worked.

There is only one way out of this dead end – having an open mind. An open mind requires us to question what we are doing. We must honestly and objectively look at our situation and see if we are moving where we want to go. Ask yourself a few of these questions

“Am I losing the weight I want? Am I feeling healthier, more focused, or more alert? Am I getting stronger or increasing my skill?”

If the answer is yes, awesome. Keep at it. If the answer is no, its time to readjust. Look for alternatives to get you to your goal. Change what you are eating. Research different ways of training. Ask for some expert advice. Then experiment and reassess several weeks later.

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  1. Logan Doughty

    This is so true. For the longest time, I would ride my bike to exhaustion expecting major weight loss. I learned that it is possible for the body to adjust to an exercise and achieve “stasis.” Not saying the cycling was bad for me or did nothing for my cardiovascular system…but I needed to mix the workout up to achieve any real weight loss results.

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