The Green Juice or Ice Cream Principle

“The youth of our nation are the clearest mirror of our performance.” – Bobby Kennedy

Last year for Father’s Day, my wife gave me some pretty cool campaign literature from RFK’s 1968 presidential campaign. One of the fliers had the above quote featured prominently on the page. It is now hanging up in my office to remind me why I do what I do.

When I look at that quote the ‘youth of our nation’ that I immediately focus on are my three children. How am I performing in my role of dad? Of course as parents, these are things we contemplate and some times even worry about. Are we instilling the values we want to teach our children on a daily basis? Are they receiving¬†our message?

Teaching my kids to be healthy is something I am aware of daily. And as with many lessons we want to teach our children, we have to be the example. Am I working out how I want to and challenging myself? Can I incorporate my kids into my workouts or exercise with them so they physically see me doing it and get involved themselves. Its a mental check. I’ve noticed that Jack and James tend to want whatever I have. If I’m eating ice cream they are interested and excited to have some. If I’m drinking green juice, the same applies. So making the best choices in front of our kids is paramount.

Health is the cornerstone to a fulfilling life. Without it (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) everything else crumbles. We aren’t capable of fully appreciating everything else in our lives if we are lacking sound help. I want that for my family. We all do.

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