They say we need a revolution

As I mentioned earlier this week I am taking part in Scott Dinsmore’s blogging challenge. Today is the final day and each morning a writing prompt has ben waiting for me in my inbox. Today’s questions was “What revolution do you want to lead?”

Its an interesting dichotomy I find myself in the middle of as I transition my career, message, and delivery of both. For the last several years I have been a personal trainer. And to me that doesn’t exactly sound like it goes along with ‘revolution.’ Training (as the name would suggest) is a very intimate setting. I work one on one with all of my clients. I can read them, understand how their body is reacting on a certain day during a certain exercise. I listen to them and understand the challenges and successes in each of their lives. I am grateful to have clients who have trusted me and listened and acted on my advice from the very beginning.

A revolution sounds massive to me. It sounds less personal, less intimate. But that’s where this cognitive dissidence comes into play.   I know in my experience I have mentors and trainers I look up to online. Through their writing style and voice I feel equally connected to them as some people in my life despite having never met them. Its part of being a public figure. Its something I’ve experienced with my other work. Complete strangers can thank you for an impact you didn’t even know you had. And that is why I want to share my knowledge – to create impact far greater than I can in a one on one setting. I want other dads to be fit, confident, fun and knowledgable. I want for us to be able to set new powerful examples for our children – to set them out on the right path. I want all of us to embrace movement and have fun doing it.

Though as I think about it, a revolution can’t begin without the second person. That person who believes in the idea or purpose so strongly that he or she is all in. That person attracts others and plays a critical roll in building momentum. So personal and revolution are not opposites. In fact the personal is necessary for the revolution.

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