I have put this off for far to long. It has been my intention to take my knowledge and venture into the online space for over two years. Thanks to Scott Dinsmore over at Live Your Legend, that inner voice that has been saying “eventually” and “some day soon” has transformed to “alright lets do this.” Yesterday I received an email from LYL issuing a challenge – to kick off your blog in 7 days. After reading it, something inside me decided now was the time.


What I want to create here is a community. I want to educate and inspire. It was only a few short years ago I knew next to nothing about health, wellness, fitness, or nutrition. It was with a leap of faith I started working out – my first taste came from the DVD program P90X. I can still remember how accomplished and weak I felt after that first workout. After several months (and phenomenal progress) I decided to take this new found interest and share my knowledge. I became a personal trainer. I researched and vetted each certification body, eventually deciding to go with ACSM. That started me on my quest for knowledge and has carried me on a journey to the present day. I learn every day. I’m constantly experimenting with new concepts, nutrition ideas, fitness methodologies, and lifestyle modifications.


The thought of creating a larger impact than I could ever make in person is what has appealed to me about sharing my knowledge. But there were so many questions that gave me pause. Who could I help? Why would they come to me? How could I differentiate myself? How will I find my voice? Some of these I have a greater understanding of and some I know will only come into focus the more I create and venture down this path. A huge part of my motivation to create this is my family. Back when I started getting into fitness, it was just me and my fiancĂ©, Kathleen. Now we’ve been married for over 4 years and have 3 beautiful children – the twins (Jack and James) and our baby girl MacKenna. They inspire me to learn more to show them the healthy and fun way to live. But I know as I learn, I become a better dad as well. That has helped me clarify who I want to teach with this site. I want to educate and inspire my fellow dads – dads who want to be better for their kids, who want to move better, be more playful, feel more vigor, and push themselves to new levels.


So I’ve procrastinated creating this blog and website for long enough. I read an essay from Emerson the other day and a quote stuck out to me: “But God will not have his work manifest by cowards.”

What have you been putting off and how can you step up to the plate today?


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